Leading PLC manufacturers

A PLC can be described as an industrial computer and a PLC is composed of hardware and software and also a set of instructions to do the control functions. By using a PLC, we can control a machine or a process in an industry, the industrial process and machinery will be sequential. This sequential process or machinery will be controlled by the PLC using input and output. We need to select a PLC according to our applications it should be selected according to the types of field devices and also the location of the hardware.

PLC with input and output devices connected to PLC programming computer
PLC system Representation

List of best PLC manufacturers

  1. Siemens
  2. Rockwell Automation
  3. Mitsubishi Electric
  4. Schneider Electric
  5. ABB
  6. Honeywell
  7. Bosch
  8. Omron
  9. Fuji Electric
  10. Hitachi
  11. HIMA
  12. Delta Electronics
  13. Eaton
  14. Panasonic
  15. Toshiba
  16. Yokogawa
  17. Phoenix Contacts
  18. Fatek

Comparison of PLC manufacturers

Sl noPLC ManufacturerPLC Brand namePLC ModelsFeatures
1SiemensSimaticS7200, S7300, S71200, S71500Integrated system functions, Motion control, Closed-loop PID control, Signal acquisition/output
2Rockwell automationAllen BradleyControl Logix 5580, Compact Logix 5380, Micro 870Automatic diagnosis, high-speed motion applications, built-in energy storage
3Mitsubishi ElectricMELSECMELSEC IQ-R, IQ-F, Q seriesDirect data collection & analysis, Real-time factory data collection, Reduction of operating cycle time due to high-speed motion control
4SchneiderMODICONMODICON easy M100, M200, MODICON M221, M241All programming, visualizing, and commissioning can be handled by one intuitive tool, M241 PLC has 5 embedded ports, a Motion controller, and IIOT ready logic
5ABBAC500AC500 xc, s, ecoGood range of I/o cards, modules, and interfaces, Four interfaces can be integrated into each CPU
6HoneywellMaster-LogicML200, ML50,Operates in peer to peer environment or in a SCADA topology, Ethernet-based I/o bus controller, High-speed scanning  
7BoschRexroth ICLCtrlx, ILC-CML, ILC-XMReal-time communication system based on Ethernet, Synchronized motion control, I/O real-time data processing is done really quick in different operating modes
8OmronCJCPM1A, 2A CP1E, CP1LCj2M supports more than 2500 digital and pulse I/O, It also supports 5000-60000 program steps  
9Fuji ElectricMICREX SXWSZ, SPH series, SPF 32-bit high-performance processor, Various motion control like speed control, torque control, and position control. CPU has built-in ethernet capability  
10HitachiEH & HMicro EHV, EHV+, HX, EHV, EH 150Superlative networkability, 32-bit RISC processor, Built-in RTC, It supports IEC61131-3 programming
11HIMAHI PLC’sHI-Matrix, HI-QuadxQuick response time, Compatible with numerous industrial network protocols, H41x supports 224 I/O, H51x is a modular type and it can be extended to thousands of I/O
12Delta ElectronicDelta PLCDVP s22, DVP SE series, DVP SS2series32bit SOC CPU supports 32 extension modules or up to 1024 I/O’s, Position controls up to 8axes, Supports PID auto-tuning, Built-in high-speed counters  
13EatonEasyE4XC compact, XC modular, easy e4nano PLC  32-bit 400mhz RISC CPU, Ethernet interface, Many modules can be added due to the DIN-rail, There is no need for interface devices due to its communication ability.
14PanasonicFPFPxh series, FP0h series,Fp7This PLC has various functions such as PID, Adaptive filter, Electronic cam control, High-speed counters and pulse output, I/O points up to 382, Multi-axis interpolation
15ToshibaV2000T1 16s PLC, V200IEC 61131 programming option, Motion control, PID function, ASCII communications
16Yokogawa ElectricYokogawa PLCFA M3High-speed IPRS, 100 k step program can be scanned in 1ms, Quick response to interrupts
17Phoenix ContactsPhoenix PLCILC and AXC seriesRFC high-performance controllers, High-level programming languages are used, These PLC’s can be used in a harsh environment
18FatekFBSFBS series, Hb1 series4 sets of H/W high-speed counters/timers, 16 high speed interrupts, Compact and rugged, System on chip CPU, Noise immunity, More than 300 instructions for the FB series, Hardware logic solver
PLC manufacturer comparison table
  1. Siemens

Siemens is a German based industrial manufacturing company and their PLC brand name is Simatic. By using a Simatic PLC we can control many automation processes in the industry. In this type of PLC, the field devices are connected through Profibus, the programming language which will be used to do the program will be ladder logic.

List of Siemens PLC models

  • S5 – Step 5
  • S7 – Step 7
  • STEP 7 – S7 -200, S7 -300, S7-400, S7 – 1200, S7 – 1500

Major features

Predictive maintenance

In the Simatic PLC, there is a machine learning algorithm that is capable to collect a lot of critical data from the process and due to this ability, the Simatic PLCs are capable to detect any machine problem before it could occur. Some examples of the data which would be gathered to do the preventive maintenance will be the rotation speed of the spindle and also the required power for the drive system.

Performance insight app

This is another feature of the Simatic PLC there is a Simatic performance insight app which is developed in the siemens Mind-Sphere platform. The advantage of this app is that the operator doesn’t need to be around the computer for the whole day. In case if there is any variation in the threshold then the mind-sphere would send a message to the operator’s device.

2. Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation is an American based industrial manufacturing company. The PLC brand of Rockwell automation is Allen Bradley. Allen Bradley makes PAC as well as PLC. The major types of Allen Bradley PLCs are MicroLogix, CompactLogix, and Control Logix. We can use an Allen Bradley PLC for complex and simple applications.

List of Rockwell Automation PLC models

  • Large PLCs – ControlLogix -5580, 5570
  • Small PLCs – Compact Logix -5380, 5480, 5370, 5580

                       Smart guard-600, SLC -500

  • Micro PLCs – Micro- 870, 850, 830, 820

Large, small, and micro-PLC’s

Large PLC’s

The large PLCs are controllogix5580, and controllogix5570. The major feature of the Control Logix 5580 is high-performance communication and motion control. The major feature of the Control Logix 5570 is that it offers good safety, and it can handle extreme temperatures.

Small PLC’s

The types of Allen Bradley’s small PLCs are Compact Logix5480, 5380, and 5370. We can use these small PLCs for high-speed applications, motion applications, and also they can be used for applications from small equipment to a high-performance indexing table.

Micro PLC’s

The major types of Allen Bradley’s micro-PLCs are micro870, 850, 830, and 820. The micro-PLCs are designed for big machine control applications, the micro-PLCs have better I/O capabilities and they also support good I/O points with high performance. The micro-PLCs also have better embedded motion capabilities.

Free Allen Bradley software

Allen Bradley provides free software which is the RS-Logix500 and it consists of an RS-Logix emulator and due to this, we don’t need a PLC to run and test our program.

3. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric is a Japanese electrical and electronics manufacturing company. The PLC brand of this manufacturer is MELSEC, the system usability is improved by the intuitive engineering software. The MELSEC IQR PLCs would help us to visualize the entire plant in real-time.

List of Mitsubishi PLC models

  • MELSEC IQ-R series
  • MELSEC IQ-F series
  • MELSEC IQ-Q series
  • MELSEC L-series
  • MELSEC F-series
  • MELSEC QS/WS series
  • MELSEC A-series

4. Schneider

This is a French manufacturing company that provides energy and automation digital solutions. Their major PLC series is MODICON they also create PAC controllers too. These PLCs provide safety to simple to complex functions for all industrial applications.

  • SoMachine software is used for intuitive machine programming
  • IIOT ready logic and motion control
  • Good communication with the help of 5 embedded ports
  • Communication ports act as Ethernet & CAN open master and also certain other features such as data logging, web server and FTP server

List of Schneider PLC models

  • Eco Structure Machine Expert
  • Modicon Easy M100
  • Modicon Easy M200
  • Modicon -M221, M241, M251, M262, M258

PAC controllers

  • Ecostructure Control Expert
  • Modicon -Mc80
  • Modicon – M340
  • Modicon – M580, X80

Safety PLC

  • Preventa XPS MC, XPS MP

5. ABB

ABB is a Swedish company and its operation is based on automation, robotics, power, and also huge electrical equipment. AC500 series are their major PLCs these PL’s can be used in large and small automation systems.

  • All the AC500 models can receive different terminal units and this would provide interfaces for communications
  • Additional communication slots are available for communication modules
  • The supported modules are Profinet, Profibus DP, Ethernet, etc.

List of ABB PLC models

  • AC 500 series – For complex machinery
  • AC 500eCo series– Compact PLC for smaller application
  • AC 500s series– Safety PLC
  • AC 500 XC series – PLC for extreme condition
  • D0 810
  • PM573

6. Honeywell

Honeywell is an American company that mainly operates in the aerospace, building technologies, safety and productivity solutions, and also performance materials and technologies.

  • Really compact
  • More than fifty I/O modules are available
  • Major standard programming can be done such as LD/SFC/ST
  • Lot of modular components are available such as CPU, power supplies, I/O modules
  • Supports HART
  • It can be connected to multiple devices with the help of open protocols such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus

List of Honeywell PLC models

  • Master Logic PLC series – ML 200, ML 50, ML 200R
  • Control Edge PLC series – HC 900

7. Bosch

This is a German company which deals with Engineering and technology. The Indralogic XLC PLC is the major PLC. In this type of PLC, the device communication is done by the real-time Ethernet SERCOS3 and these PLCs are capable to do multiple machine controls.

  • Machine codes are generated by fast compilers and function libraries
  • We can do the programming and diagnostic functions in a single environment
  • Motion control is flexible
  • This PLC can be connected to various communication networks
  • Communication between the controllers and the system peripherals is done through the real-time Ethernet sercos3

List of Bosch PLC models

  • IndraLogic XLC– L25, L45, L65, L75
  • IndraLogic L – L20, L10, L40

8. Omron

Omron is a Japan based electronic company the major PLC series of the Omron is the CJ series. We can use the Omron PLCs for single machines and also for large machines.

  • Micro PLCs are available for smaller machines
  • The Cp1H compact PLCs have a high-speed counter and pulse outputs
  • Multi-axis position control
  • The compact PLCs are composed of onboard and add-on I/O, such as analog, digital, and temperature sensor unit
  • Hot swapping of CPU, Power supplies, and I/O units can be done to reduce the downtime

List of Omron PLC models

  • Compact – CJ2, CP2E, CJ1
  • Modular – CP1L, CP1E
  • Rack – CP1H, CS1D, CP
  • Safety PLC – NX7, NX1, NX1P, NJ

9. Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric is a Japanese electrical equipment company, this PLC can achieve high speed processing. It has three types of tasks and they are default, period, and event task. This PLC is complying with the international standards.

  • Positioning function
  • The SPF PLC can be connected to the Monitouch through the ladder port
  • Simulation and resume function
  • CPU has a built in ethernet
  • USB interface
  • Dual control CPU
  • Multi axis servo system application

List of Fuji PLC models

  • MICREX – SX series – SPH, SPF, Common to SX
  • MICREX F series – F30, F50, F55, F60, F70, F80H, F100, F120H, FTK, FTU
  • FLEX PC series – NB0, NB1, NB2, NB3, NB4, NB5, NB6, NJ, NS

10. Hitachi

Hitachi is a Japanese company, and they have a lot of products and services such as automotive systems, defense systems, consumer products and digital media, Electronic-systems and a lot more.

  • Built in microprocessor
  • It is composed of expansion module buses
  • It supports all the PLC programming languages
  • Transistor or relay outputs
  • It supports high speed counters (200KHz) and timers
  • High speed PWM output(200Khz)

List of Hitachi PLC models  

  • Compact PLC – Micro EHV+, Micro EH, and web controller
  • Modular series – HX, EHV+, EHV, EH-150, H-series


HIMA is a German company, which provides smart safety solutions for industrial applications. HIMA provides safety controllers such as Himatrix, and Hiquad x. we can use these controllers for the safety and operational purpose of the pipeline, turbine, and also for deep-sea applications.

  • Dual processor would check itself and each module so good safety
  • Flexible adaptation due to the modules and functional blocks
  • Better system availability due to the cross wiring of CPU and I/O layers
  • Each module has redundancy options such as I/O modules, I/O racks, etc.
  • The HiquadX can be connected to any process control system
  • Himatrix communication is done safe Ethernet
  • It can be used in extreme conditions such as deep-sea, it can handle temperatures from -25C to -75C

List of HIMA PLC models

  • HIQuad X – H41X, H51x, H41q, H51q
  • HIMatrix – F30, F35, F60

12. Delta Electronic

This is a Taiwan based electronics manufacturing company, delta PLC’s can be used with high level automation applications. These PLCs have modularized hardware structure, and also integrated software and because of this, they can be used with various process control applications.

  • Compatible with all types of automated equipment
  • Accurate positioning control
  • EtherCAT/CAN open motion control interface
  • High speed pulse output
  • Supports PID autotuning

List of Delta electronic PLC models

  • Compact PLC – AS series & AX-3 series
  • Mid-range PLC – AH series
  • High speed PLC – DVP series

DVP series – DVP EH3, DVP-ES3, DVP ES2, DVP Ec3

13 Eaton

Eaton is a power management company Eaton PLCs are one of the major compact PLCs which is available in the market. The Eaton PLCs are mostly the half size of the normal PLC.

  • Small size PLC’s
  • By the ELCsoft programming software, the program can be moved from one controller to the other
  • Flexible interface
  • Ethernet onboard
  • Smart wire DT master for lean automation

List of Eaton PLC models

  • Nano PLC – Easy E4series
  • Compact PLC – XC152s
  • Modular PLC – XC -100, 200,300

14 Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese company that manufactures industrial and consumer electronic equipment. We can use the Panasonic PLCs for a wide variety of industrial applications.

  • Ethernet, Modbus, and MC protocol
  • Sensor connections can be easily done by using RS 485 and Rs 232c
  • Open network is supported
  • FP0H can transfer information to PC or server
  • Built in 4 axis pulse output
  • High speed counter input and pulse output
  • Built in multipoint PWM output

List of Panasonic PLC models

  • FP0H series – AFP0HC32P, AFP0HC32EP, AFP0HC32T, AFP0HC32ET

15. Toshiba

Toshiba is a Japanese company, their products and services are industrial, power, etc. Toshiba manufacturers have many electronic components such as semiconductors, hard-disk, etc. Toshiba also makes PLC and their major PLC series is V200.

  • Optional add on I/O expansion module
  • Due to its high-speed it can be used with sophisticated machine control applications
  • Wide range of I/O modules: PWM outputs, HS I/P
  • Networking – Modbus, master-slave
  • High efficiency operation due to the low resistance on MOSFET’s

List of Toshiba PLC models

  • V200
  • T1-16s
  • V2000
  • S2E/S2T

16. Yokogawa

This is a Japanese electrical engineering and software company. Yokogawa has only a single PLC series which is the FA-M3. This PLC is known for its operating speed. It has high speed instruction processing response and scan.

  • High speed processing: 3.75ns for basic instructions, 7.5ns for application instructions
  • Fast constant scan can be achieved is possible due to the sensor control function
  • High speed response for interrupts
  • High speed scan

List of Yokogawa PLC models

  • FA-M3 series
  • FNC-500
  • FCN-500
  • FCJ

17. Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is a German company and they are the manufacturers of industrial automation, interface solutions, and electronic equipment. The phoenix contact PLCs have IP20 and IP65/67 protection. These PLCs are programmed with high level languages such as C++, Simulink, etc.

  • Suitable for harsh environment
  • Ethernet interface can be used for coupling to other interfaces or controllers
  • These PLC’s can be used for building automation

List of Phoenix contact PLC models

  • EPC 1522
  • EPC 1502
  • AXC FXT SPLC 1000
  • AXC F 1152
  • AXC F3152

18. Fatek PLC

Fatek is a Taiwanese PLC manufacturing company, their major PLC series are FBS and Hb1 series. These PLCs consist of better communication features, there are five communication ports for the FB series and thus it can be connected to different intelligent peripherals.

  • Communication – RS232, RS485, Ethernet, CANopen, and Zigbee
  • Compact and rugged due to the system on chip
  • Hardware cost is reduced because of the system on chip

List of Fatek PLC models

  • FBs series
  • B1/B1z series
  • HB1 series


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