How to do pH Electrode Calibration ?

Calibration Procedure – pH electrode 

Select two buffers that bracket the expected sample pH. More buffers can be used for greater accuracy over a wider pH range. For best accuracy, use buffers that are no more than 3 pH units apart.

Calibration Procedure

Step by Step Procedure 

1.Refer PH meter manual for specific details on operating your meter.

2.Remove the electrode and rinse it distilled water. Wipe the electrode with tissue paper to remove excess water and place electrode into the first buffer of pH 7.

3.Calibrate the meter to read the temperature corrected value of the first buffer.

4.Rinse the electrode as before and place in the second buffer.Wait for a stable reading.Calibrate the meter to read the temperature corrected value of the second buffer.

5.Rinse the electrode as before. Place the electrode in the sample and wait for a stable reading.Record the pH and temperature of your sample.

Tips for pH meter/Electrode calibration  

1.Always use fresh pH buffers.

2.The electrode calibration slope should be 95-102%

3.Remove the electrode filling solution cover when measuring,to ensure a uniform flow of filling solution.

4.Between measurements,rinse the electrode with distilled water and then with the next sample to be measured.

5.Stir all buffers and samples consistently.

6.Place some insulating material between your stirrer and your sample to prevent heating of your sample.

7.Avoid rubbing or wiping electrode bulb.

8.Store your pH electrode properly.

pH meter Calibration Procedure 

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