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Difference between Predictive Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance

  • Generally, the term maintenance in industries means increasing assets productivity & reducing failure to avoid accidental damage.
  • Both these maintenance activities deliver better advantages in that these activities shrink the failure rate of machines and enhance the safety of expensive materials.
  • Work orders for each maintenance sort are organized before the maintenance task to ensure both sorts of scheduled maintenance
  • Usually, the maintenance is classified into Predictive Maintenance, & Preventive Maintenance.

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predective maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance is organized on resource conditions.
  • Predictive Maintenance minimizes the cost of labor and material required.
  • The term predictive maintenance activity is quite similar or interrelated to preventive maintenance,
  • Because some preset conditions are essential for this preventive maintenance
  • In our human health comparison, this element is comparable to screenings or measures suggested for an individual who is in greater danger for a particular illness due to adopted or lifestyle habits.
  • Technicians trigger a predictive maintenance protocol for a convenient schedule for repair to avoid future damage or accidents in case a part of the machine performs abnormal parameters.
  • For this, a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is advisable because this system delivers essential measurements and data that are required to adopt the smart resolution.
  • This CMMS reduces unexpected maintenance tasks, reduces the cost required for maintenance, and builds a strong maintenance program for monitoring equipment and system to stay in running mode.
  • However, establishing a predictive maintenance strategy involves a significant investment in terms of money, training, and resources. These costs tend to be acceptable to companies that effectively carry out a preventive upkeep program.

Advantages of Predictive Maintenance

  1. Proactive
  2. The actual problem is identified before they are addressed
  3. Shorter downtime
  4. Inventory efficiency is good
  5. Based on contemporary data, this report provides a wide range of alternatives for maintenance practices.
  6. Avoiding catastrophic breakdowns and spotting emerging issues with machines and systems.
  7. The automatic capability to track the mean-time-between-failures, (MTBF) is a side benefit of predictive maintenance.
  8. Eliminate unnecessary maintenance
  9. Reduce lost production caused by failures
  10. Reduce repair parts inventory
  11. Increase process efficiency
  12.  Improve product quality
  13. Extend operating life of plant systems
  14. Increase production capacity
  15. Reduce overall maintenance costs
  16.  Increase overall profits

Disadvantages of Predictive Maintenance

  1. More complex
  2. Not as scheduled as preventive maintenance
  3. Requires advanced technology to share data with a centralized system
  4. Needs additional training

What is Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance.
  • Preventive maintenance is organized on a regular basis.
  • Preventative maintenance is simpler to execute.
  • Preventive maintenance is collated for a physical check-up annually.
  • Technicians execute this maintenance task to avoid future breakdowns or emergency maintenance issues even in smooth-running conditions.
  • Preventive maintenance is a physical checkup to prevent equipment failures and extend      resource span like we consult a doctor to prevent illness or lengthen our life.
  • Additionally, preventive maintenance balances the expanse cost, & return costs of resources.
  • Maintenance managers having better experience should make a smart resolution for the preventive maintenance of machines

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance

  1. Proactive
  2. Limits unplanned downtime
  3. Increases equipment lifespan
  4. Efficient for experienced staff.
  5. Enhance capital equipment productive life.
  6. Reduce critical equipment breakdowns.
  7. Allow better planning and scheduling of needed maintenance work.
  8. Minimize production losses due to equipment failures.
  9. Promote health and safety of maintenance personnel

Disadvantages of Preventive Maintenance

  1. Increases planned downtime
  2. Improved inventory management for replacement parts.

Predictive Maintenance Vs Preventive Maintenance

Predictive MaintenancePreventative Maintenance
Triggers  on Time Triggers  on Condition
This is conducted to predict the occurrence of failuresThis is conducted to avoid assets from unexpected damages.
This is performed as per the scheduleThis is performed on a routine basis.
Here it is not required to stop the main function of the resource, because diagnostics of machine can easily be performed even if the resource is executing its usual functions.The resource’s downtime must be increased, which means required functions can be stopped.  
Maintenance is performed when potential flaws are detected.Maintenance is performed even if potential flaws may not be detected.
Complexity is more and is much more difficult than preventive maintenance.Complexity is very less and is quite easier than predictive maintenance.
Less expensive than preventive maintenance.Highly more      expensive than predictive maintenance.
It avoids unpredictable expenses, hence no more investment.It doesn’t avoid unpredicted expenses, hence needs investment.
Requires less time for simple periodic inspection and maintenance.Requires more time for simple periodic inspection and maintenance
Cost Savings in Predictive Maintenance 25% to 30%Cost Savings in Preventive Maintenance is about    12% to 18%
Predictive maintenance is typically carried out to foresee potential breakdowns so that they can be avoided.Preventive maintenance is often carried out to guard against sudden asset breakdown.
Only when probable problems are found in this does maintenance take place.Even if probable faults are not detected in this, maintenance is carried out.

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