SIS functional safety requirements:

The IEC 61511 standard specifies requirements that must be sufficient to design the SIS and include the following: A description of all the necessary SIFs to achieve the required functional safety. Requirements to identify and take account of common cause failures A definition of the safe state of the process for each identified SIF. A …

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Components of SCADA:

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a system that refers to a combination of telemetry and data acquisition. This consists of gathering information, transferring it back to the control center, carrying out the necessary analysis and control, and then displaying this data on a number of display operators. SCADA is used to monitor and …

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Turbine Supervisory Instrument (TSI)

TSI aims at monitor safe and reasonable steam turbine operation. TSI shows and records the starting and status processes of various parts in the turbine generator with real time during operation and also transfers signals to computers and data loggers. TSI generates signals for alarms and trips if the signal exceeds the limit value. Measurement …

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Types of Automation Systems

What is automation? Industrial automation is mainly concerned with the automation of manufacturing processes, quality control and material handling. General purpose controllers for industrial processes include programmable logic controllers and computers. One trend is a greater use of artificial vision to provide automatic inspection and robot guidance, another is a continuous increase in the use …

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Split Range control

In a split-range control loop, the controller output is split and sent to two or more control valves. The splitter defines how each valve is sequenced as the controller output changes from 0 to 100%. In most split-range applications, the controller adjusts the opening of one of the valves when its output is in the …

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