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Position Transducer – Displacement Measurement

How Position Transducers WorkPosition transducers convert mechanical motion into an electrical signal that may be metered, recorded, or transmitted. Position transducers consist of a stainless steel extension cable wound on a threaded drum that is coupled to a precision rotary sensor such as an incremental encoder, absolute encoder, hybrid or conductive plastic rotary potentiometer, RVDT, …

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Simple Explanation of Construction and Working of LVDT

LVDT – Linear Variable Differential TransformerLVDT is a passive transducer which measures displacement. Construction  and Working of LVDT. LVDT consist of a single primary winding and two secondary wingdings.They are wound on a hollow cylindrical bobbin which is non-magnetic and insulating material.The secondary wingdings have equal number of turns and are identically placed on either …

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How to Calibrat Temperature Switch ?

Temperature Switch Calibration (Step by Step By Procedure ) Following Precautions needs to be taken- Use appropriate PPE.  Isolate Temperature Switch from process. Equipment required for Temperature  1.Temperature Bath 2.Switch Contact Monitoring Device  Temperature Switch Calibration Procedure   1.Remove temperature sensor from process. 2.Connect test equipment  3.For high Temperature Switch (TSH ),place sensor in a calibrated …

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