Welcome to your Quiz .This quiz is about FREQUENCY RESPONSE ANALYSIS .it contains 10 questions


The constant N loci represented by the equation x^2+x+y^2=0 is for the value of phase angle equal


A system has poles at 0.01 Hz, 1 Hz and 80Hz, zeroes at 5Hz, 100Hz and 200Hz. The approximate
phase of the system response at 20 Hz is :


All the constant N-circles in G planes cross the real axis at the fixed points. Which are these points?


What is the value of M for the constant M circle represented by the equation 8x^2+18x+8y^2+9=0?


Assertion (A): The phase angle plot in Bode diagram is not affected by the variation in the gain of
the system.
Reason(R): The variation in the gain of the system has no effect on the phase margin of the system.


The constant M-circle represented by the equation x^2+2.25x+y^2=-1.25 has the value of M equal


Which one of the following statements is correct? Nichol’s chart is useful for the detailed study
analysis of:


Consider the following statements:
Nichol’s chart gives information about.
i. Closed loop frequency response.
ii. The value of the peak magnitude of the closed loop frequency response Mp.
iii. The frequency at which Mp occurs.
Which of the above statements are correct?


In a bode magnitude plot, which one of the following slopes would be exhibited at high frequencies
by a 4th order all-pole system?


Assertion (A): Relative stability of the system reduces due to the presence of transportation lag.
Reason (R): Transportation lag can be conveniently handled by Bode plot.

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