PLC learning series 11 : How to interface PLC with SCADA?

To interface PLC with SCADA first we have to establish a proper communication channel. The monitoring PC’s communications or network port link is connected with the cable (usually) that connects to the PLC.

The next step is to ensure that both the systems can communicate with each other.

Atlast you need to set up the SCADA server to collect information from the PLC system across the network. Typically this is done by having names or addresses in the SCADA chart of usually similar names.

After completing these steps, PLC – SCADA system is now able to communicate with each other. The details vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

PLC – SCADA using Siemens TIA portal:

Interfacing PLC with SCADA should enable monitoring and controlling for PLC through SCADA.

Take your siemens PLC from devices in the TIA portal. Then you have to take the SCADA software.

Now you have to take the SCADA HMI applications from > devices > Add devices > Simatic HMI applications. There can be different HMI software available like, WinCC RT advanced, WinRT professional, WinCC Client.

Just click on the HMI application needed and click ok.

For example, we have WinCC RT advanced. Now we have to configure the connection with the communication facility. To enable ethernet drag and drop IE module from the catalog to the HMI block.

Now click on the network view on the top right side. You will two blocks PLC and HMI block. We have to connect both the block. For this an IP address should be give for communication link from both the block, should be different.

After giving proper IP address, click on network > connection > click & drag from PLC port to HMI forming a connecting line.

To create the HMI screen go to > Devices > PC system (simatic system) > HMI RT advanced > Screen > Add new screen.

On the blank screen available you can make any animation and graphics which are available in the objects, elements and control signals.

For example we can run a program using start and stopping motor. Go to Devices > PLC programming > create a ladder diagram.

Give valid address to all functions.

Download the program to the PLC.

Go back to HMI screen, add all components in the ladder logic to the HMI from elements. Tag address of input and output to the corresponding elements.


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