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A SCADA is software that can be used to monitor factory operations or the industrial process. By using SCADA software, we can combine the hardware and the software to make a better control system. In order to make improvements in the industrial process or to rectify process faults SCADA would send the required command signal to the PLC or an RTU and these devices would control the equipment such as control valve, pumps, ON/OFF valves, etc.,

Abbreviation table

1MQTTMQ Telemetry Transport
2ODBCOpen Database Connectivity
3OPCOpen Platform Communication
4SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
5UDPUser Datagram Protocol
6TCPTransmission Control Protocol
7RTPReal-time Transport Protocol
8SQLStructured Query Language
9DNP3Distributed Network Protocol
10HDAHistorical Data Access
Full form of SCADA communication protocol

SCADA software list

Sl noSCADA softwareOS supported FeaturesSupported ProtocolDownload link
1AVEVA IntouchWindows, LinuxSecure, Real-time supervisory control, Handle complex operationsOPC UA, MQTT, DNP3, MODBUSDownload link  
2FactoryTalk view  WindowsMultiple users and servers can be used, Testing of the application componentsOPC, ODBC, DDEDownload link
3CIMPLICITYWindowsSafer, Centralizing operations, Remote access are available to control and also to access the infoOPC UA, MODBUSDownload link  
4SIMATIC WinCC V7WindowsSuitable for every application, High-performance data archiving, Integrated MS SQL serverMODBUS TCP/IP, OPC DA, OPC UA, PROFIBUS FMSDownload link
5Ignition SCADAWindows, MAC, LinuxSQL database connection, Mobile access, SCADA alarmingOPC-UA, SQL based(JDBC)Download link  
6Open Automation SoftwareWindows and LinuxGood connectivity with PLCs, Databases and custom apps, IoT connectorsMODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU, OPC UA, OPC DADownload link  
7VTSCADAWindows, LinuxHistorical data viewer, Intuitive page navigation,OPC client and server, ODBC server, OPC UA, OPC classicDownload link  
8ETAP eSCADAWindowsODBC/SQL compliant database, Multi-tiered user access management, Electrical network monitoring, Event recorder & playback featureDNP3, OPC UA, OPC DA, MODBUS RTU & TCP, MultiSpeak, CIMDownload link  
9Litmus EdgeCloudReal-time monitoring, H/w integration, Data aggregation, and report generationDNP 3, Ethernet TCP RAW, Ethernet UDP raw, MQTT, OPC UA, REST APIDownload link  
10GENESIS64Cloud, WindowsSystem security, Archiving, and retention, Real-time monitoringOPC Classic, OPC UA BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, EthernetDownload link  
11inVIEW IIOT platformCloudRemote access, API & integration, Machine performance analysisMQTT, OPC UA, MODBUSDownload link  
12AggreGate SCADA/HMILinux, MACCloud friendly, SQL supportedBACnet, DNP3, OPC UA, OPC, KNX, ModbusDownload link  
Comparison between leading SCADA software
  1. AVEVA Intouch
  2. FactoryTalk view
  3. Cimplicity SCADA
  5. Ignition SCADA
  6. Open Automation Software
  9. Litmus Edge
  10. GENESIS64
  11. inVIEW IIOT platform
  12. AggreGate SCADA/HMI


We can use this SCADA software for large and small industries, by using this software we can improve machine reliability and operational efficiency. By using this software, we can apply context to a real-time process, alarms, events, and data and this would be useful to build a common information stream. This software supports PLC brands such as Allen Bradley, Schneider, GE, Siemens, Bosch, Eaton, WAGO, Mitsubishi, Omron.

Applications – Chemical, marine, energy, manufacturing, food & beverage, power & utilities

2. FactoryTalk view

We can use this SCADA software for advanced industrial applications. We can use this software from process to batch to discreet applications. This software is developed by Rockwell Automation, by using this software we can involve multiple users and servers for HMI applications. This software provides all the required tools to create proper process monitoring and supervisory control applications. By using this software we can monitor the real-time data. This software has a SQL database connector and data grid object and this would provide proper information for making the production decisions.


We can use this SCADA software for large manufacturing industries, this software has faster response, reduction of cost, and also high profitability. By using this software, we would be able to control the process remotely, we can control our industrial process from really far locations.

Applications – Automotive, aviation, chemical, electric utilities, manufacturing, oil & gas

4. SIMATIC Wincc V7

This SCADA software would provide a better way of monitoring the industrial process. This software has several high-performance functions, which will be very useful for the monitoring of the automated process. By using this software, we can monitor the plant process via the internet.

Hardware requirements

  • Processor – i3 -3.5 GHz
  • RAM – 8GB

5. Ignition SCADA

By using this software, we can access all the process data easily, this software has the ability to convert the SQL database into a high-performance industrial historian, and it can be connected to IIOT devices through MQTT protocol. We can control the process with the help of powerful HMIs, by using the ignition software we can start, and stop the process and also check different data points at multiple locations.

Major drivers – MODBUS driver, UDP/TCP driver, DNP3 driver, Omron driver, Siemens driver, BACnet driver, and Allen Bradley driver suite

6. Open Automation Software

This software would provide access to the industrial operations and also for the data, in order to achieve connectivity, monitoring, and analytics. This software can be easily connected to PLCs, OPC servers, databases, and also to IoT platforms. This software has high-speed data logging so that database engines can be opened such as Oracle, MYSQL, SQL Lite, and a lot more. This software also provides alarm notifications and we can receive this notification by email, SMS, or voice.

Applications – Chemical, construction, robotics industry, aerospace, oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, marine, telecommunications.


We can use this SCADA software for highly customized industrial monitoring and control applications. This SCADA software has many advantages such as system backup, report generation, application version control, alarm notification, polling management, etc. This SCADA has an open architecture and because of this vast number of device drivers can communicate with most of the PLC and RTU. This software also has a historical data viewing feature and because of this we could get a graph of our historical data and we can also export it if we need it. There will be separate displays for each RTU.

Applications – Oil and gas, power generation & distribution, manufacturing, marine, airport solutions, food & beverage


This software is a model-driven electrical SCADA software, this software would do the data acquisition and also would do the hardware control. By using this software we can visualize the process in real-time. This SCADA software provides communication connectivity to IED devices, RTUs, SCADA servers, and also to other devices which use industry-standard protocols. This software can communicate and operate with hardware, SCADA, DCS, and data collection systems. This software would provide communication mapping for all communication protocols. By using this software, we can control the smart grid and it is used for monitoring the electrical network. This software provides a user-friendly interface to do the operation of the electrical networks. The major application of this software is power system analysis.

Simulation supported

Predictive simulation is another major feature of this software and because of this we can determine or predict the behavior of the system according to the actions

9. Litmus Edge

This SCADA software has the data connectivity capability to collect, manage, and integrate the process data at scale. This software is capable to collect data from PLC, SCADA, MES, Historian, and sensors. This data will be transferred to any cloud or enterprise application and thus a complete structure of the data will be provided to improve the industrial process. The major features of this software are device management, predictive maintenance, root cause analysis, and a lot more. We can use this software for a wide variety of industrial systems due to its connectivity and integration features.

Applications – Manufacturing, Transportation, Construction, Oil & Gas


This is an advanced SCADA software that is designed for the Microsoft OS. We can use this SCADA software for many applications, the 64 -bit and OPC UA technologies in this software would allow the operators to execute and to integrate the real-time manufacturing energy into a unified visualization dashboard. The ISA 18.2 compliance feature, provides real-time alarm management throughout the system. This software also would provide secure real-time data from devices such as meters, sensors, and processors.

Applications – Automotive, oil & gas, manufacturing, building automation, pharmaceutical, utilities and energy, food & beverage, water & wastewater

11. inVIEW IIOT platform

We can use this SCADA software for the remote supervisory control, we can use this software to monitor the real-world automation process using web browsers and also to gather data from IoT devices and from automation equipment. We can use this software for industrial, residential, infrastructure, or for home automation too. The major feature of this software is that we can access real-time data, data export and import can be done too. Remote access of the machines is possible by using this feature we can control industrial devices such as PLC, HMI, Robot, etc.

Remote access -VPN, HTTP, and VNC

12. AggreGate SCADA/HMI

By using this SCADA software, we can monitor the machines, processes, and plants. We can use this software to control most of the industrial sectors. This software has a cross-platform UI builder application and by this, we can create a better human-machine interface. This software does have a statistical process control feature and with the help of this feature, we can do deep data analysis.

This SCADA software can do the programming by using the PLC languages such as ladder logic, Functional Block diagram, Sequential functional chart, and structured text.

Applications – Oil & Gas, Chemical and power industries, semiconductor, automotive and it can be also used for other lightweight applications



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