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Helix flowmeter

What is Helix flowmeter?

The helix flowmeter is a positive displacement device that uses two radially inclined helical gears to continuously trap the process fluid as it flows

Working of helix flowmeter:

The flow forces the helical gears to rotate in the plane of the pipe. Optical or magnetic sensors are used to encode a pulse train proportional to the speed of rotation of the helical gears.

The forces required to spin the propellers are relatively small and, therefore, in comparison with other PD meters, the pressure drop is relatively low. The best achievable accuracy is approximately ± 0.2% or rate.

Helical gear meters can measure the flow of highly viscous fluids (from 3 to 300,000 cP), making them ideal for extremely thick fluids such as glues and very viscous polymers.

Because in the maximum flow, the pressure drop across the meter should not exceed 30 psi, the maximum nominal flow through the meter is reduced as the viscosity of the fluid increases.

Helix flowmeter can be used for highly viscous, dirty and corrosive fluids


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