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Filters used in air Compressors

Compressors in process industries deal with compressing and storing compressed air to be distributed to pneumatic instruments.

The supplied air from the compressor should be clean and oil-free that should be ensured at the compressor itself. There are different filters used to employ this, for example:

  • Oil separator
  • Oil filter
  • Air filter

Oil separator:

The oil separator is used on motor oil-flooded compressor and serves to separate the air and compressor oil. so that oil does not carry over to the compressor output. and what if the oil separator has a problem can also cause problems with the compressor. problems that occur due to abnormal oil separator conditions including.

  • Over heat compressor unit (Maximum temperature of Oil Flooded compressor 110oC)
  • Compressor oil is reduced (carried to compressor output)
  • Compressor fault over load and pressure drop.
  • Compressor on fire

The oil separator spare parts must be replaced based on preventive maintenance intervals. to avoid vatal damage to the compressor

Oil filter:

The oil filter functions as an oil filter that circulates in the compressor engine system to filter out dirt and grams so that it does not continue to be carried out in circulation which can cause acceleration of wear rather than the mechanical system compressor.

Oil filter on the compressor is very important and vital if an abnormality occurs in the oil filter the impact will be immediately indicated and cause the compressor to fail. for that compressor oil change must be routinely done. damage or abnormalities in the oil filter are usually like

  • Oil filter block ( CLODGE )
  • By Pass filter open

Air filter:

The function of the air filter is to filter the air to be compressed so that it is clean from particles and dust which can damage the mechanical or screw system and the oil circulation system in it. the effect or indication that can be caused by a water filter is.

  • Pressure drop.
  • Lost power
  • Over heat.


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