Electrical Devices vs Electronic Devices

Electrical devices 

  • Simple processes are used by electrical devices to convert the energy of electrical current, or the movement of electrons in a conductor, into another type of energy, most commonly light, heat, or motion. An electric device is one that carries out a task using only electrical energy.
Electrical Device

Electronic devices 

  • Electronic devices are made to alter the electrical current in ways that add information to it, rather than merely transforming electrical energy into light, heat, or motion.
  • Technology referred to as electronics operates by manipulating electron mobility in ways that go beyond electrodynamic characteristics like voltage and current.
Electronic Device

What distinguishes electrical from electronic devices?

         Typically, something is electrical if it only uses electricity to provide energy. It is almost certainly electronic if it manipulates information using electricity as the medium. Devices that are electrical and electronic fall into distinct but related areas. Electrical devices are a subset of all electronic devices.

Electrical Devices vs Electronic Devices

Electrical DevicesElectronic Devices
Electrical devices are any equipment that operates using electrical energy. It produces current and voltage.  Electronic devices are tools used to regulate or control the passage of electrons, and they produce a specific amount of field as a result of the magnetic charge of the current.
Electrical devices use metallic materials like copper and aluminum for conduction.  Silicon, germanium, and other semiconductor materials are used to make electronic devices
Electrical devices primary mode of operation is the conversion of electrical energy into other forms of energyThe alteration of data is done via electronic devices
These devices employ AC current to function.These devices employ DC current to function.
Electrical devices are used to carry out mechanical worksWith rectifier circuits conversion is done and   amplifier circuit increase the weak signal.
Current flow is caused by moving charges.The device is used to manage and control current and volts but it does not produce current.
Electrical devices required more space because they were greater in size.Electronic devices required less space since they were smaller in size.
These devices require more power than electronic equipment.These devices depend on the utilization of electrical energy to carry out various tasks in order to function. These devices will not convert electrical energy into heat or other forms of energy.  
Examples: Transformers, motors, and other electrical equipment.Examples: Diode, BJT, FET, Microprocessors, flip-flops, amplifiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a computer, TV an electrical or electronic device?

  • A computer is a piece of electronic device used to store data or information, so that later it can be retrieved and processed.
  • TVs are typically considered electronic devices as opposed to household appliances.

List some electronic device based home appliances

  • Systems like your dishwasher, refrigerator, or stove are more specifically referred to as home appliances.
  • Washing Machine, thermostat is an illustration of an electronic devices.
  • DVD players, laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, iPods, iPads, cameras, ovens, washing machines, game consoles, printers.

List some electrical device based home appliances.

  • Simple electrical device that transforms electrical energy into kinetic energy and propels itself into motion is a fan. This appliance is easy to use and doesn’t need the current that is supplied to it to be altered in any way.
  • Alternators, Generators, Transformers, Speakers, an iron, or bathroom equipment like a hairdryer are examples of additional popular electrical appliances in a home.
  • Electric motors, bulb is electrical appliances, lighting, are referred to as electrical devices.

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