Difference between Industrial IoT and SCADA

What is SCADA?

SCADA is supervisory control and data acquisition. It is a device that applies to the telemetry and data acquisition combination. This consists of collecting information, moving this back to the control center, conducting the requisite analysis and control and then showing it on a number of display operators

What is IIoT ?

The IIoT is designed to connect large manufacturing companies smartly. The IIoT consists of a multitude of communications software-connected devices. The resulting devices can track, capture, share, interpret and act on information instantly to intelligently change their behavior or environment without human intervention.

Difference between IIoT and SCADA:

-IoT comes from the concept of a sensor network. Actually, its main objective is to standardize the sensor network, as well as mechanisms for data collection and aggregation.

-Scada is a networking system for automation and control that is primarily concerned with managing the actuator network and, of course, measuring physical parameters for control.

-SCADA-generated data also serves as a data source for Industrial IoT. Industrial IoT focuses on analyzing granular device data to improve performance, while SCADA focused on monitoring and regulating. In order to change the SCADA world, IoT introduced a wave of new companies.

-IoT does not resolve the need for industrial regulation of the Scada real-time and secure network. However industrial IoT focused on a real industrial network’s QoS constraints, but it still does not include a built-in controller. The IIoT cane is used as Scada’s network infrastructure.

-SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a system that monitors and controls industrial, infrastructure, and facility-based processes that exist in the physical world.

How IoT took over SCADA?

There is no doubt that SCADA is the most relevant technology for industry 4.o. But one thing that limits SCADA absence of connected ecosystem.

Here is where IoT scores, its intelligent capabilities are highly adaptable to today’s modern industries. Industrial IoT has emerged as software that has been applied in contrast to SCADA. With the implementation of this disruptive technology, conditions like scalability, Data Analytics came into existence.

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