Control Valve

Basics of Check valves

Working: Check valves are designed to prevent the reversal of flow in a piping system. These valves are activated by the flowing material in the pipeline. The pressure of the fluid passing through the system opens the valve, while any reversal of flow will close the valve, the check valve is self-actuating when the flow is …

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Basics of Needle valves

Small sizes of globe valves fitted with a finely tapered plug are known as needle valves. Needle valves are used to control the flow precisely. Needle valves are used in food industries, pharmaceutical industries where precision is important. Needle valves are also used in some components of automatic combustion control systems where very precise flow regulation is …

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Control Valve positioners

A valve positioner is a final control device used to position the valve actuators correctly at the control position.  In applying a force to an actuator, there is no guarantee that the actuator is in the correct position. Positioners are used to feedback position information and ensure that the valve is in the correct position regardless …

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