Basic troubleshooting of Electrical components in MCC/Electrical Control Panel/Switch Gear

1. SDF (Switch Disconnector Fuse)

Switch Disconnector Fuse
Possible Fault:- Fuse Burning. 
Identification:- Check the fuses continuity with a Multi Meter. 
Cause:- Over Current, Short Circuit
Remedy:-Replace the Fuse with same rated(Current and Voltage) new one 

2.MCCB/MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker )
Possible Fault:- Tripping
Cause: Short Circuited current.
Remedy:- Rectify the cause produced the tripping current and once rectified the same. Put ON the MCCB/MCB

Rating :- Voltage, Current, Withstanding Fault Current


Possible Fault:- Motor not starting.
Cause:- Contactor Coil faulty, Coil is not getting Power 
Remedy:- Check the Power Supply voltage from Coil point. If coil is faulty replace with new one.     
Rating:- Voltage , Current, Maximum fault withstand Current.

4.OLR (Overload Relay)
Overload Relay

Possible Faults:- Motor not starting/Motor tripping continuously
Cause:- Relay Tripped, Current adjustment is faulty.
Remedy:- Release the tripped OLR switch, Adjust the current rating according to the Name Plate.
Ratings:- Current and Voltage.

Possible Fault:-  Not Working.
Cause: Coil faulty, No power, Contact got damaged
Remedy:- Check the power Supply voltage, Continuity between contacts, wiring faulty.
Ratings:- Coil Voltage, Current Ratings, Type of Contact.

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