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Thermistor Types

Thermistor Working Principle

Thermistors Construction of Thermistor Resistance vs. Temperature Curve of Thermistor Difference between Thermistors and Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD) Resistance V/s Temperature Characteristic Curve Thermistor as Temperature Sensor Thermistor Types To know about various types of thermistors, it is essential to know the linear relationship between temperature, & resistance.This linear relationship is shown as dR = …

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Laws of Thermocouple

Laws of Thermocouple

Thermocouples          A thermocouple is a junction made of two distinct metals that generates a voltage in response to a change in temperature. Thermocouples are a form of temperature sensor that is frequently used for measurement and control, as well as for converting heat into electric power. Thermoelectric effect Three effects of Thermocouple 1. The …

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RTD Sensor

Resistance Temperature Detectors Working Principle

What does RTD stands for? RTD is acronym for Resistance Temperature Detectors.    What is meant by thermo-resistive temperature measuring devices? The principle of device in which electrical resistance of material changes as a function of temperature is thermo-resistive temperature device.  List few thermo-resistive temperature measuring devices State the Principle of RTD An RTD operates on …

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Instruments Technician

Skills Required by Instrumentation Technicians

Who is an instrument technician? A person who works as an instrumentation technician should be able to test, maintain, and fix instruments that are used to record and report data. The majority of instrumentation technicians work for manufacturing facilities, ensuring that machinery is functioning correctly, safely, and effectively. An instrumentation technician will test, calibrate, install, …

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Difference between Sensor & Transducer

What is Transducer? The non-electrical quantity is converted into an electrical form by using electrical method. The techniques like measurement, manipulation and control are done in transducer. The device when actuated, transforms energy from one form to another is called a transducer. Transducers classification: The transducer classifications shown are: Active & Passive Transducer: Active transducer …

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Different Types of Cables in Instrumentation and its Applications

What is an instrumentation cable? What are the types of network cables used in communication system? What are the Different Types of Cables used in Instrumentation? To convey electric signals from one point to another, there are various types of cables used in instrumentation. 1. Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) Cable: STP cables are further classified …

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