Process control

Three element boiler feed water control

Three Element Control

What is 3 Element Control? Boilers in power plants that encounter quick and wide-ranging load variations need three-element control. Control with three elements is quite similar to control with two elements, with the exception that the water flow loop is closed rather than open. In order to determine the feedwater flow’s index or set point, …

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closed loop

Types of Control Loops

What is a Control Loop? The control loops used in the process control industry all function in the same manner, which necessitates the completion of the following three tasks: What are different types of control loops? In industrial operations, two types of control loop systems are often utilised. They are the closed loop system and …

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Excitation system

Excitation System in Generator

What is Excitation System? Excitation is the technique of creating a magnetic field using an electric current. An excitation system’s primary job is to supply direct current to the synchronous machine field winding. The excitation system regulates the field voltage and field current to carry out control and protective tasks necessary for the power system …

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What is an override control and why is it required for industrial safety?

What is override control? There could be several dangerous situations in an industrial process plant, because of the unpredictable process conditions which could destruct the operations of the process. During this condition, the normal process must be stopped and maintenance must be started to change the unacceptable situation. In order to do this, we can …

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PLC program for a batch process

Introduction Hey guys in this session we are gonna discuss about a PLC program for a batch process.In my earlier posts i mentioned the basics of PLC so you can check that out by clicking the link below so lets discuss about the program   Procedure Automatically injects the container with liquids A and …

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