What are Multifunction Calibrators (MFC) and how to use it?

What is a multifunction calibrator? Multifunction calibrators are flexible instruments with a sophisticated array of electronics suitable for reading and sourcing voltage, current, frequency, and resistance signals from nearby sources. These calibrators are designed to perform various types of calibrations in industrial applications. These calibrators source, simulate and measure various process parameters such as pressure, …

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What is Megger?

Megger: A Megger is a firm that manufactures megohmmeters, a device used to measure insulators’ level of resistance. Because of the numerous industrial applications, it is a very significant instrument. It offers a very high DC voltage for the resistance measurement. It is a portable instrument that is also known as a megohmmeter. It can …

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What is Wattmeter?

A wattmeter is a device that measures the amount of electricity delivered to or generated by an electrical circuit. These instruments are frequently employed for the distribution and transmission of electric power, as well as for protection. A wattmeter typically consists of two coils: Current coil and Potential coil What is Current Coil? A coil, …

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What Does Multimeter Mean?

What is a Multimeter? An electronic device called a multimeter is used to measure circuit resistance, amps, and voltage. Engineers can use multimeters to check voltage, resistance, and electrical current levels by connecting two leads to various electrical system components. This device is also sometimes referred to as a volt-ohm metre or volt-ohm-milliampere (VOM). The …

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