Meters used in the MCC panel.

Different types of meters are used in the MCC panel for indicating the status of the panel.Mainly three types of meters are used. Ammeter, Volt meter, Watt meter, Energy meter. Analog and Digital type meters are using nowadays. Ammeter An instrument used for measuring the current flow in the circuit is called ammeter. It should be …

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What is a control panel?. What are the components in a control panel?

CONTROL PANEL Control panel is a cabinet which contains electrical components to control the motors and equipments. CABLES Cables are used for the interconnection. Two types of cables are used. Power cable and control cable. 1. Power cables (which is used to connect the motor to panel component and panel to main supply) 2. Control …

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Basic Electrical Laws

Ohm’s law (which should be familiar) is a very useful rule. Note that it only applies to resistive loads however. The impedance of other passive components may vary with (e.g.) frequency (e.g. capacitors) and many components do not obey this rule at all (diodes, transistors etc.). Resistance determines how much charge flows per second when …

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Basics of Electrical.

Basics of Electrical. Instrumentation engineer must be thorough with electrical fundamentals.  What is … Charge? Charge is measured in coulombs and is the amount of “electricity” present (or flowing). Charge can be positive or negative. Like charges repel each other. Unlike charges attract each other. In the vicinity of a charge there is an electric …

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