Instrument Transformers

RVDT- Rotary Variable Differential Transformer

What is RVDT? RVDT is a passive type transducer. RVDT means Rotary Variable Differential Transformer. It is also an electromechanical-based inductive transducer that converts angular displacement linear output. RVDT main function is used to sense the angular displacement into proportional electrical signal. LVDT and RVDT operate in similar ways. In contrast to RVDT, which uses …

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What is Instrument Transformers?

Instrument Transformers In heavy currents and high voltage a.c circuits, the measurement can not be made using the range extension method of low range meters providing adequate leads. Under such conditions, specially constructed precise ratio transformers called instrument transformers. These can be used, independently of the voltage and current ratings of the a.c. These transformers …

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