Ultrasonic level

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Working Principle of Ultrasonic Level Transmitter: Distance (S) = [Speed of Sound in Air(C) * Time Delay (T)]/ 2 Where S:  Actual Distance to be measured, C: Speed or velocity of sound in air, T: Time Delay Level = Tank Height – Distance Minimum Measuring Distance (Xm): Maximum Measuring Distance (XM): Installation guidelines for Ultrasonic …

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Ultrasonic Level Switches

Introduction  We can use ultrasonic level instruments for both continuous and point level measurement. The point detectors or level switches can be grouped into damped sensors or on/off transmitter types.An ultrasonic switch is a device that uses inaudible high-frequency sound (ultrasound) to detect the presence or absence of a liquid at a designated point. The …

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