Industrial Automation

Pneumatic Cylinder

What is a Pneumatic Cylinder? – Principles, Types, Applications

Pneumatic Cylinder   A pneumatic cylinder is a special type device that uses the energy created by compressed gas to create a force for alternating linear motion. Since that “pneuma” is the Greek word for air, a pneumatic cylinder may also be called an air cylinder.          A force is applied into the piston, pushing …

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Instruments in measuring level

Introduction to Industrial Instrumentation

What is Instrumentation?          Instrumentation is the art and science of measuring and control. The relevant process information [indication, trends, or status] is made available at a predetermined location in a predetermined manner. Moreover, it regulates the parameter within or at a set value. Instrumentation gives the plant operator the tools they need to run the facility safely, …

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What is a Network?

Network Networking Terms Client/Server Interaction The client/server concept is a new computing frontier made possible by computer networks.          A network is a collection of computer hardware parts connected by communication channels that enables resource and information sharing. Two computers connected to one another is an example of a network. Types of Network Area Networks …

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Types of Sensors used in Vibration Measurement

Vibration  Oscillating movement around equilibrium position is called as vibration. Vibration measurement is used to check electric motors, turbines or bearings health and resonance. The dynamics of the machine, such as the alignment and balance of the spinning elements, are what cause vibrations in all rotating machines. Monitoring vibration amplitude at specific frequencies can reveal …

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SCADA Application

Applications of SCADA

Applications of SCADA What is SCADA? Applications of SCADA include       1. Electricity Generation, Transmssion, and Distribution Systems: 2. Manufacturing Industries or Plants: 3. Food & Pharma Production: 4. Telecom & IT-based systems: Managing different Radio Frequency based systems, communication mediums, and large communication systems such as logging data and information through an antenna using …

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