flow measurment

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Working Principle, Types Applications

         An electromagnetic flowmeter (magmeter) is a device that measures the flow rate of a conductive liquid by detecting the voltage difference across the liquid as it flows through a magnetic field. The voltage difference, also known as the electromotive force (EMF), is generated by the movement of the conductive liquid through the magnetic field. …

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Solenoid Valve Working

This valve switches an instrument air supply between the two outlet ports. The two-way valve can be either a normally opened valve (NO) or a normally closed valve (NC). These terms refer to their normal states without a power supply being applied. Solenoid-operated valves use an electrical coil to control the position of a poppet, …

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Overview of flow measurement.

Introduction The ability to measure flow rate is another important process measurement. There are four different classes of flow measurement transducers: differential pressure measurement, velocity-based measurement, positive displacement measurement, and mass flow measurement. Differential pressure measurement devices can be separated into restrictive and non-restrictive devices. When fluid flows through a restrictive flow element, there is …

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