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Advanced Process Control (APC)

What is Advanced Process Control system? Advanced Process Control Benefits Implementing advanced process control (APC) offers several benefits to industrial processes: What are the components of advanced process control? Here are the key components of APC: Process Models APC utilizes mathematical models that represent the behavior of the process. These models capture the relationships between …

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What is Instrumentation & Control?

What is Instrumentation & Control? Instrumentation is defined as measurement and control of process variables within a production, or manufacturing area.                                        In other words, instrumentation & control is one that deals with automated measurements that controls the physical quantities like pressure, level, temperature, flow etc. What are the different classes in Measuring instruments? Explain …

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Industrial Control Area Network (CAN)

Communication networks are used in the process industry to exchange information between sensors, actuators and controllers. Controller Area Network (CAN) bus generally being used for communications between vital controllers and a slower network such as the Local Interconnect Network (LIN) being used for less critical tasks. Control Area Networking Working: The CAN network has a …

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What is industrial control system (ICS)

An industrial control system is a combination of a variety of systems like computers, electrical and mechanical devices. It can be considered as the combination of several control systems such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, distributed control systems (DCS), and programmable logic controllers. They are used to provide automated or partially automated …

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Why is Instrumentation used in Industries?

What is meant by Instrumentation? How Instrumentation plays a main role in Process Industries? List some objectives of Instrumentation in Industries Give some examples of Process Industries  What is need of Process Control in Industries? Measurement Device/ Sensor:  Transducer:  Process Variable:  Energy:  Transmitter:  Ex: A thermocouple’s microvolt output is amplified to a signal that is standardized …

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Top 10 DCS manufacturing companies

What is DCS? DCS is a control system in a production system, process, or any type of dynamic system, in which component controllers are not concentrated in one place, but distributed in all systems. Each subsystem component is controlled by one or more controllers. The entire control system communicates and monitors through a network connection. …

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Earthing Drawing

What is Earthing? Earthing is a very important safety feature for electrical devices, circuits, and other things. Earthing is the process of transferring electrical energy immediately and directly to the ground through a low resistance channel. Electrical earthing is the technique of immediately discharging electrical energy into the earth with the use of a low …

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System Architecture

What are the basic elements of a control system? Basic parts of system architecture are shown below What is system architecture with example? An architecture diagram is a graphical representation that depicts the physical implementation of software system components. It illustrates the overall structure of the software system as well as the relationships, constraints, and …

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Role of Operational Technology & Information Technology in Industries

What is Operational Technology? How OT helps in Industry? What is meant by down time? Components of Operational Technology What is Information technology means? How IT does troubleshooting? Components of Information technology. Role of OT & IT in an Industry Information Technologies based Operational Technologies Integration of OT and IT Manufacturing Utilities and energy providers …

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