Mechanical pressure transducers and elements

Mechanical Pressure transducers: In general, transducers are devices which converts one form of energy into another form, a pressure transducer converts pressure into any other measurable form of energy. A mechanical pressure transmitter converts the pressure into mechanical displacement in the system. Types of Pressure transducers: Bourdon tube Helix and spiral tubes Spring and bellows Diaphragm …

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Basics of Pressure Scales

Introduction There are three pressure scales used for measuring pressure.   The Absolute pressure scale The Gauge pressure scale The Vacuum pressure scale               In the pressure gauges shown in Figure all pressure gauges show a reading of 20, but their values of pressure are all different. Gauge A               Shows a pressure of 20 pounds per …

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Capacitance pressure transmitter

Capacitance pressure transmitter is a pressure measurement device which convert applied pressure into a current signal. Capacitive type pressure transmitter is differential pressure type sensor. Principle: Capacitive pressure transmitter works under the principle of differential capacitance. Capacitive pressure measurement involves sensing the change in capacitance that results from the movement of a diaphragm. Generaly the capacitance …

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