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What is HART Protocol?

HART Overview HART Technology It has undergone continuous development, up to and including automation products now shipping with built-in Wireless HART Communication. How does the HART protocol work? HART Communication protocol What is a Bell 202 telephone communication standard? Frequency Shift Keying HART Networks The HART Protocol allows digital communication with field devices in two …

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Instruments Technician

Skills Required by Instrumentation Technicians

Who is an instrument technician? A person who works as an instrumentation technician should be able to test, maintain, and fix instruments that are used to record and report data. The majority of instrumentation technicians work for manufacturing facilities, ensuring that machinery is functioning correctly, safely, and effectively. An instrumentation technician will test, calibrate, install, …

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Tree Topology

Various types of Network Topologies and its Advantages and Disadvantages

Network Topologies A network’s topology can be defined as its logical arrangement or layout, as well as a description of how its various nodes (senders and receivers) are connected to one another and communicate with one another.          Network Topology refers to the locations of computers and how the cable is run between them. Types …

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Industrial Hydraulic Actuator

Hydraulic Actuator

What is meant by Actuator?          An actuator is a mechanical or electro-mechanical device that converts energy from a control signal into mechanical force What are the three types of Actuator?          The three types of actuators are What is a Hydraulic Actuator?          A hydraulic actuator is a device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical …

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CNC Programming – Definition, Types, and Tips

Definition of CNC programming What are the types of CNC programming methods? Programming in CNC machines includes three basic methods Manual CNC Programming Conversational CNC Programming CAM CNC Programming How to find the right CNC programming type for your needs? Manual programming Advantages of manual programming Dis-Advantages of manual programming Conversational programming Advantages of conversational …

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