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Siemens PLC System Overview

Introduction  SIMATIC is a series of programmable logic controllers and automation systems developed by Siemens introduced in 1958 the series has gone through four major generations. The latest beginning with the SIMATIC S7 generation. It is purely for industrial automation, process industry, and production. What are the various types of PLC? LOGO SIMATIC S7- 200 …

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What is the difference between OT & IT networks?

What is an OT network? Operational technology (OT) is a combination of both software and hardware to direct monitoring and control various devices, physical structures, and infrastructure. Operational technology is used for monitoring various processes in a company ranging from critical infrastructure to managing robots. OT is widely used in industrial control systems, such as …

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What is Industrial Automation and What are its Components?

What is industrial automation? Automation is the use of machines, control systems, and information technologies to optimize productivity in the manufacturing processes with little human involvement. Industrial automation helps us to process the plant operation in more optimized conditions by using various control systems such as Programmable Logic Circuit (PLC), Human-machine Interface (HMIs), and robotics. …

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Top 10 DCS manufacturing companies

What is DCS? DCS is a control system in a production system, process, or any type of dynamic system, in which component controllers are not concentrated in one place, but distributed in all systems. Each subsystem component is controlled by one or more controllers. The entire control system communicates and monitors through a network connection. …

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